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Lines of work

Published Papers

Katsamakas, E. & Sanchez-Cartas (2024). A computational model of the effects of borrower default on the stability of P2P lending platforms. Eurasian Economic Review, forthcoming

Sanchez-Cartas, J.M. & Katsamakas, E. (2024). AI pricing algorithms under platform competition. Electronic Commerce Research, forthcoming

Katsamakas, E. & Sanchez-Cartas, J.M. (2024). Responsible users and platform competition: A computational model, Heliyon, e25010

Sanchez-Cartas, J. M. (2023). Platform acquisitions, product imitation and openness, Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, 1-16

Katsamakas, E. & Sanchez-Cartas, J.M. (2023): A computational model of the competitive effects of ESG, PLoS ONE 18(7): e0284237

Sanchez-Cartas, J. M., & Sancristobal, I. P. (2022). Limitations of Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Pricing on Digital Platforms. Electronics, 11(23), 3927.

Katsamakas, E., & Sánchez-Cartas, J. M. (2022). Network Formation and Financial Inclusion in P2P Lending: A Computational Model. Systems, 10(5), 155.

Sánchez-Cartas, J. M. (2022). Welfare and fairness in free-to-play video games. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 180, 121683.

Sanchez-Cartas, J. M., & Katsamakas, E. (2022). Artificial Intelligence, algorithmic competition and market structures. IEEE Access, 10, 10575-10584.

Sanchez‐Cartas, J. M., & León, G. (2021). Multisided platforms and markets: A survey of the theoretical literature. Journal of Economic Surveys, 35(2), 452-487.

Sánchez-Cartas, J. M. (2021). Intellectual property and taxation of digital platforms. Journal of Economics, 132(3), 197-221.

Sanchez-Cartas, J. M. (2020). The Panzar–Rosse H statistic and monopoly. Issues on its use as a market power measure. The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 20(4).

Sánchez-Cartas, J. M. (2018). Plataformas digitales y compatibilidad: una vieja historia en un mundo nuevo. Papeles de Economía Española, (157), 2-23.

Sánchez‐Cartas, J. M., & León, G. (2018). Data sharing agreements in vertically differentiated two‐sided markets. International Journal of Economic Theory, 16(3), 260-281.

Sánchez-Cartas, J. M., & Leon, G. (2017). Shared networks and market power in two-sided markets. Economics Bulletin, 37(3), 2173-2180.

Conference Papers

A computational model of the effects of borrower default on the stability of P2P lending platforms (2023). 43rd Eurasian Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, with Evangelos Katsamakas, EBES'23   

Congestion effects, network effects, and platform competition (2023). Eastern Economic Association (EEA), with Evangelos Katsamakas, EEA'23   

Nature-inspired algorithms and individual decision-making (2022). 4th International Conference on Decision Economics, with Inés P. Sancristóbal, DECON'22   

Algorithmic competition on digital markets & platforms: Effects of algorithm design and market structure. Symplatform'21, with Evangelos Katsamakas, (2021).   

Platform competition and consumer's decisions: An ABM simulation of pricing with different behavioral rules (2020). Second International Conference on Decision Economics, DECON'20   

On “Influencers” and their impact on the diffusion of digital platforms, with Gonzalo León (2018). 16th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, PAAMS'18    

On simulating the adoption of new products in markets with rational users and companies. 15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, PAAMS'17, with Gonzalo León (2018)   

Chapters in Books

El tejido empresarial. Análisis 1983-1994  (2015). IN: Treinta Años de Economía y Sociedad Extremeña (1983-2013). Diputación de Badajoz   

Working Papers

Platform Acquisitions and Strategic Openness (Partly published as Platform acquisitions, product imitation and openness)

Political Polarization, Algorithmic Bias, and Competition

Acquisitions & Bargain (Part of the previous "Platform Acquisition and Strategic Opennes" paper)

Entry Conditions for Two-Sided Markets, with Daniel Arce